2NDMILK Staff Update: Meet Sunga!

2NDMILK Staff Update: Meet Sunga!

Sunga Kufeyani is our 2NDMILK Staff National Director in Africa.  She’s a full-spirited, devoted director who loves children.  Sunga handles all aspects of operational direction in Africa..meaning our Malawi and Kenya locations.  Sunga’s story is one of overcoming obstacles and of great faith and perseverance.  Sunga lost her Mother and Father at a very young age and still continued to thrive and graduate with a degree in Mass Communication from African Bible College in Malawi.  Jason and Lacey hired her immediately after hearing her story and being inspired.  Sunga has been instrumental in 2ndMilk’s growth and positive reputation in Malawi.  Her home village is Salima in Malawi.  She has a great heart for babies and hopes to come to America to expand her studies abroad to help #2ndMilk.

She’s currently watching over Biswick Eric, a baby that was dropped off at our Lilongwe office yesterday AM.  You can read his story on our 2ndMilk Facebook page and soon will see him at 2ndMilk.org for full sponsorship opportunities.  Sunga’s heart is big for these babies and those she loves.  We’re fortunate to have her leading our teams and look forward to what the future will bring for Sunga and 2ndMilk!


The 2ndMilk Staff in Africa is doing this hard work every day. They are delivering the formula, taking care of the babies and caregivers, and sharing these stories.. They are the heart of 2ndMilk.org.


Follow her and the others at 2ndMilk.org and continue watching here for more staff profiles and updates!  Sign up for our June Mission Trip and come meet Ms Sunga!

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