what we do

Founded in 2015, 2ndMilk is a non-profit organization committed to saving the lives of malnourished and orphaned infants in Africa and around the globe. The organization is a sponsorship program where we deliver formula, food, blankets and bottles for babies each week, from birth through age 2. Our program continues through age 5, where nutrition and training is continually provided. If a child in our program becomes abandoned or orphaned, we partner with our Hague-approved adoption agency who facilitates international adoption. 2ndMilk also establishes farms which provide local protein and jobs in those communities, as well as nutrition to children in our program. The income from the chicken houses is used to send the children in our program to private, Christian schools. Our organization provides for the vulnerable and equips them with resources and knowledge to live a healthy life.

meet the team

Jason Carney

Jason Carney


Jason and his family have spent time doing mission work throughout different parts of the world. They have helped many children transition from the hopelessness of poverty to a true hope in Jesus Christ. After living in Malawi, Africa for nearly 2 years, they are calling Northwest Arkansas home again impacting the lives of babies around the world through 2nd Milk.

Lacey Carney

Lacey Carney


Lacey is from Northwest Arkansas. She has a passion for helping the fatherless and less fortunate. As a former foster parent that has adopted 2 little girls, she understands the sense of urgency needed to give life to so many around the world. Lacey is married with 6 children and believes every blessing should never be taken for granted.

value statement

Our Christian faith drives us to be worthy disciples and serve Him with integrity by loving and providing for the most vulnerable among us. We operate our daily business, charity work, mission trips, and meetings in adherence to biblical standards of ethics.

We believe our work is a biblical mandate from scripture.


Mission Journeys

Interested in going to Malawi Africa? We would love to help send you to Africa to help save the lives of babies and experience our mission field, first hand.

Contact Stan with stan@2ndmilk.org


Become a 2MBassador

It’s like an ambassador, but more cool because it’s for 2M. YOU can become an advocate and a part of something so much bigger than yourself.

Contact Kelsey with kelsey@2ndmilk.org

Give Monetarily

Give Monetarily

Visit our baby’s to sponsor. Check out other options here and specify where you want your money to go. One great thing about 2nd Milk is your dollars are spent exactly where you ask for them to be allocated.