Fixing Bottles In Malawi With 2nd Milk

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Fixing Bottles In Malawi With 2nd Milk

This post comes from 2nd Milk 2016 Mission Team member, Niki Pugh. Niki just moved to Ohio and is soon to be a full time nanny to a set of twins who are due very soon. We are proud of her faithfulness to care for others and share the gospel.

This baby is a twin. They were very malnourished and at 4 months old only weighed about 6lbs each. 2nd Milk arranged for them to be taken to a hospital for better care and they are now getting healthy and growing.

Malawi is amazing yet heartbreaking all at the same time.

We have gone from village to village checking on the babies in the program. We have also been adding new babies to 2nd milk. 2nd Milk’s job is way bigger than just bringing formula to babies. We also have to educate the mothers or guardians on bottle preparation. Most of them have never seen a bottle before, but the starving babies gulp down those bottles. So the people who are taking care of those babies have quite the process to go through day after day to provide their babies with bottles.

They must first go get some sticks then make a fire. Go get some water, boil the water, pour the boiling water into the bottle and let the bottle cool for 30-60min. Finally feed the baby the bottle which takes 15-30min. Then they need to get some more water to sterilize the bottle. Then the process starts all over again. Plus most of the caregivers have many other children they are care for too.

In America we can’t even fathom going through that kind of work to feed our babies. Reality check, huh? After being in Malawi for only a week, it totally changed my prospective on so many things. It’s completely heart breaking to see 4-6 month old babies weighing under 8lbs.