Kenya- The Dr.’s strike vs 2ndMilk impact

Kenya- The Dr.’s strike vs 2ndMilk impact

As some of you know, we have a small operation in Kenya. We have 2 American sponsors (Erin and Keith H.) that oversee a lot of operations and one 2ndMilk employee, Elizabeth.  They are truly in start-up mode as we’ve just received clearance as an NGO in that country.  This is an update from the team on recent developments in that country.

“an important note on the admittance of babies is that there is a nationwide strike of doctor’s currently. This strike has now been ongoing for two months. Currently, there are no patients in the hospital you visited with Keith, (quite a big hospital), except for the 2ndMilk babies. The two babies that have been abandoned and left at the hospital are able to survive due to the gifts of 2ndMilk. ”

So in a hospital that is totally empty – and this is a large hospital- two babies are surviving through your donations and 2ndMilk’s care and staff in Kenya.-

God is watching these babies and this mission-

Continue to support this cause..spread the word and continue to pray and love on these babies!


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