Leaving “everything” for everything

Leaving “everything” for everything

Somehow, we have been convinced that our success is determined by the size of our home and the dollar sign in our bank account. We are persuaded that a picture perfect family with a “normal” lifestyle is ideal. But what if God had more in store? What if the blessings he bestowed upon us were not of materialistic things but of the heart and mind and soul? What if there were opportunities to make a difference that will forever change your life… and someone else’s?

March 2017 Malawi Africa Mission Trip

The truth is, there is. Jeremiah 45:5 “Should you then seek great things for yourself? Seek them not.”

Stanley Hampton took this in the most literal sense possible, we couldn’t be more blessed by it. Stan heard about 2nd Milk from his small group leader at JB Hunt. He was intrigued by our purpose. A few weeks later Jason, our co-founder, visited their small group and spoke about how 2M came to fruition. Stan was seeking a new purpose in life proceeding some tough times. He and Jason visited he committed to the next Mission Trip in Africa. “My life hasn’t been the same since,” Stan says, regarding the trip to Malawi, Africa.


A few fun facts about Stan:

  • Has works for JB Hunt for 23 years. He worked his way up to VP of Driver Personnel  but will be leaving his job to join our ministry in Africa full-time.
  • He was All-Conference and All-State Linebacker in 89-90 and a starting player on our 89 State Championship team for Springdale High School
  • Born in TX, moved to OK at the age of the 3, moved to AR in 1983 and will move to Africa in 4 months months
  • Practically professional at karaoke
  • He plans to complete his degree in Theology while in seminary school in Africa
  • Stanley is a member of Cross Church, Springdale Campus
  • He considers himself truly blessed to still have is mom with him. She was given a 15% chance to live after a severe stroke in September of 2016 – prayer saved her life. Her passion is jail ministries and enabling young women to get a fresh start.

Stan Hampton will be contributing the 2nd Milk’s mission of providing formula, nutrition, hope and a future to some of the most vulnerable babies. If you want to contribute directly to Stan’s efforts on our “Donate” page. Just be sure to add Stan’s name to the “comment section.”

Seek not the things for yourself but rather the things you can do for others.

We are privileged to have you on board, Stan!