The Life of Babies in Malawi Africa

2nd Milk feeds hungry babies in Malawi Africa

The Life of Babies in Malawi Africa

Samson RobenMalawi is a home to approximately 6.8 million children; about 51% of the total population. Of that 51%, nearly half is comprised of babies and sadly, many are orphans.

Infant mortality due to malnutrition is widespread and though the prospects for infant survival has improved over the past few years, poverty in the country continues to be a major problem. Lack of work and resources undermines the chances of a normal healthy life for most babies in the Malawi. This is devastating families and stunting the economy.

Poor Malawian families are vulnerable to a host of health and environmental hazards making it very difficult to take care of and feed their babies. As a result, the children are prone to diseases caused by malnutrition as well as other illnesses due to weakened immune systems. Malnutrition is devastating and a primary contributor to child death in Africa. In Malawi there has been little change in childhood nutrition. Childhood mortality rates continue to be high with most of those deaths occurring in infancy.


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2nd Milk Director of Adoptions, Bridget ChiwayaAbout the Author: Bridget Chiwaya is Director of Adoptions for 2nd Milk in Malawi, Africa. Bridget earned her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Malawi, Bunda College.