Update 01/20/17: New Babies in and PB&J!

Update 01/20/17: New Babies in and PB&J!

Good day 2ndMilk friends!

We have had a very busy few days here in Lilongwe district, Malawi, Africa.  We’ve visited 3 rural villages and over 50 babies that are in the 2ndMilk program.  We also found 11 more babies that were in desperate need of our program.  In a country where infant mortality is extremely high, it’s so hard to say ‘no’ to any baby brought to us.. So we need sponsors for these lovable, vulnerable children.  You can check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/2ndmilk or Jason’s page directly at https://www.facebook.com/jason.carney.35 for live updates and how to sponsor these babies at 2ndMilk.org.

The last village we visited today was pretty eye-opening.  While there was traditional singing and dancing as we arrived, it didn’t take us long to evaluate how bad the malnutrition and health was at this village.  The 2ndMilk staff quickly separated out the worst babies, most of which were new to the program, and began to assess their current state-of-health and administer formula.   We were also able to deliver PB&J (Peanut Butter & Jesus) high protein packets to 3 of the most malnourished children, including two brothers that were 3 and 2 respectively, but both severely malnourished.  We were able to see quickly that teaming with PB&J for this sustenance was a good call.  We’ll be providing formula and PB&J supplement to that village more often as transportation funds/donations allow and hope to keep everyone updated as often as we visit.

On a positive note, Larry, a ‘first-timer’ here in Africa and from Northwest Arkansas, handed suckers to the older kids and our staff handed out clothes and blankets to the kids/families…

This village visit underscored the need for the 2ndMilk Mission.  If not for 2ndMilk’s assistance, 3 babies that were in severe shape would have deteriorated rapidly, possibly dying.  We can not save these babies and expand the reach to do that without our help. Thank you so much for caring, praying and backing that up with donation dollars.   Until next time, thanks for loving on these babies  and God Bless YOU!

Visit www.2ndMilk.org to support our cause financially, sponsor a baby directly and read more about the program.