Update 01/23/17: Reflection and the Way Forward

Update 01/23/17: Reflection and the Way Forward

Good evening from Lilongwe, Malawi-Africa!

We have had a couple of days of rest, great meetings and team building time with the staff from America and Africa.  While we’ve missed not having Elizabeth from Kenya on this trip, we hope we can have her down for the #2ndMilkMarch2017 mission trip  with the entire team together.  It was great to have Stanley and Judith up from Ntcheu for the group meeting and then seeing them in their office and villages Thursday last.  Sunga and her team here in Lilongwe have come along way, are passionate and are doing great work!  We’ll be introducing the entire 2ndMilk  team over the coming weeks. We’ve grown quite a bit since inception and the staff here in Africa is doing the hard work every day and deserves great praise and blessing-for sure, for sure (as they say here in Malawi).  We also plan to feature stories from the villages and continue to update progress on the babies, of course.

As we sit around the table tonight reflecting on our trip, we are humbled by the grace, blessings and vision that continues to pour forth from God.  It’s been a quick 2 years for 2ndMilk, but with each turn we are assured through experiences that the ‘way forward’ for 2ndMilk and team is to continue to visit villages and provide formula and nutrition for the most vulnerable among us-and to provide spiritual inspiration as well.

We will have another team come on a more ‘mission’ type trip in March as well as June.  If it’s heavy on your heart to participate with 2ndMilk in some way, donations, prayers and coming with us! on a trip are all great ways to participate!

Get more info at www.2ndMilk.org or follow Jason Carney on his Facebook for up-to-the-minute details at https://www.facebook.com/jason.carney.35

2ndMilk Team America is starting their journey back tomorrow and should arrive around 0930 at XNA, Bentonville, Ark.  It has been a blessed trip, indeed. Continue to pray for the mission and travel mercies for us and all of our staff as we venture down this road!