Why Are Mothers in Malawi Dying?

2nd Milk Director of Adoptions, Bridget Chiwaya

Why Are Mothers in Malawi Dying?

Today’s blog post is fresh from 2nd Milk Malawi Director of Adoptions, Bridget Chiwaya.

2nd Milk feeds hungry infants in Malawi Africa

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“According to UNICEF, for every 100,000 live births in Malawi, 807 mothers are dying as a result of pregnancy and childbirth related causes. Diseases such as malaria and HIV, nutritional deficiencies and women’s low socio-economic standing contribute to high mortality rates. This is a clear indication of women’s limited access to quality reproductive health services. Negligence is also a major contributor to maternal mortality rates.

“Most mothers in rural areas delay going to the hospital for delivery while others may even prefer delivering at the traditional healers instead of the hospital. This contributes to the mortality rate due to complications occuring in unsterile environments, a lack of proper equipment and little to no medical expertise. The Malawi government has increased healthcare facilities in the rural areas and imposed penalties for any home deliveries in an effort to curb death an injury related to childbirth. Still, the risks remain high and continue after delivery when women fail to produce enough milk to feed their babies as a result of severe malnutrition.

“At 2nd Milk we are trying to be a part of a bigger solution. We outlined our long term goals in ending this vicious cycle in a previous post. But, today we are still focused on the today. We are working hard to feed babies who are born to these at risk mothers and we can only do that because of your generosity. You will be bombarded with way to help the less fortunate among us this Christmas season. Very few, if any, of those opportunities will result in tangibly saving the life of another human being.

This Giving Tuesday, please sponsor a baby or a make a one time gift to 2nd Milk as part of your year end giving plans. 2nd Milk is a non-profit organization and your donations are fully tax dedcutible.

“Have a blessed season!

2nd Milk Bridget ChiwayaBridget Chiwaya is Director of Adoptions for 2nd Milk in Malawi, Africa. Bridget earned her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Malawi, Bunda College.