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2nd Milk

Founded in 2015, 2nd Milk is a non-profit organization committed to saving the lives of malnourished and orphaned infants in Africa and around the globe.

ways to give life


You can choose to donate to a specific child or a specific cause. When you give to 2m, you can rest assured that your dollars will be allocated in the areas where you pledge them.

We feel that if you are led to give towards the efforts of 2nd Milk that God led you here for that specific reason.

We are grateful for your support.


A 2MBassador is like an ambassador but way cooler because you get to hang out with us! The program was established specifically for those who want to be involved through volunteering, social media, and donating services. Who are 2MBassadors? They are people, like you. People who want to be a part of growing God’s kingdom. Interested in becoming a part of the team?

Mission Journey

Have you been called to the mission field? Are you ready to step out in boldness to help some of the most vulnerable babies? We call them “mission journeys” rather than a “mission trip” because it is truly a journey of selflessness and a life-altering experience. Witnessing our program first hand will change your outlook on life.


Raising for 2M can go two ways:

1. Raising Awareness: This can be achieved by inviting us to speak at your church or function, talking about us on social media, or partnering with us for an event! We are open to ideas and we want to share what God is doing.

2. Raising Funds: Don’t have the means to give monetarily right now but interested in donating? We can help! We have a number of ways that you can fundraise.

Join Us in Prayer

Prayer is a foundational factor to 2ndMilk’s growth and existence. We were founded upon prayer and are reminded daily of the power of prayer. We’ve seen miracles in and around our organization; they would not be possible without prayer. Want to receive monthly updates on specific prayer requests within our organization?

2ndMilk Locations

our vision

2nd Milk is actively finding ways to give life to the most vulnerable around the world. Most have said providing formula and nutrition for an infant in developing nations is too hard and too expensive. Each year we plan to add multiple countries to our existing portfolio. By year 2025, our vision is to be in 20 countries providing for over 5,000 orphaned and malnourished babies.

2ndMilk Store

Purchasing a 2nd Milk shirt makes you cooler and allows you to save a life.

Be cool…save a life.

(Oh, and our shirts may take a few weeks to get here.)

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