The most tangible and practical way you can save a baby’s life is through directly sponsoring a baby, which provides the formula and nutritional needs for the baby of your choosing. Select the baby you would like to provide formula and healthy nutrition for.

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Nicholas Buluzi

Age: 1

Nicholas Buluzi Baby Formula Sponsorship

Nicholas Buluzi was born on June 23, 2021.  He is from Chedisi village which is in the Gwawa feeding centre.  His mother is still alive, however, she helps deliver babies traveling around villages.  Nicholas became at risk when his mother came around  the Chedisi village.  She came upon a woman's house and asked her to give them blankets and a place to sleep  while she helped deliver other babies through the night.  She didn't recognize her because it was so dark she couldn't see her face because she doesn't have electricity, only a candle was burning. 

The care giver gave the mother blankets and she went to another house to sleep and was supposed to return by noon the next day for the baby.  The mother never returned.  The baby was crying and the new care giver didn't know what to do.  She was told to call the police but the problem was she couldn't even describe the mother.  She did contact the police anyways but the mother never has returned.  She went to the store and bought a package of powdered milk for the baby but doesn't have the money to provide for him because she does really small piece work and can barely manage herself.  

2ndMilk enrolled the baby on July 27, 2021.  Would you please consider sponsoring baby Nicholas?


This is the best question we can answer for each of our partners when they make the decision to save one of these orphaned babies.

First, know that 100% of your sponsorship dollars actually goes to the babies. A sponsorship provides real tangible things like daily formula, bottles, new clothes, medical care, and a porridge full of vita-meal. This may sound like the same story you have heard over and over again but rest assured it isn’t.

This sponsorship will save the life of the baby you just sponsored. We aren’t a ministry that gives a bowl of maize once per day and say we are feeding children.  The 2ndMilk children get the same nutrition daily that your children receive because at the end of the day we don’t feel they deserve anything less.


Acute malnourishment comes in many forms and at times it can even be hard to see while other times it may be very hard for us to look at a child experiencing severe malnourishment. Sure, we have all seen the tiny baby with droopy skin and bones but we also see a lot of babies that are experiencing a protein deficiency called Kwashiorkor. This causes their stomachs to swell as well as their legs and feet.


We all know and understand that infants require either mothers milk or a formula that allows them to receive the nutrients and vitamins their bodies require for proper growth. We purchase our powdered formula in the countries we work in to help the local economy and allow our teams to have quick access to the truckloads of formula we purchase monthly.

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